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AetherMachines Inc. was founded in 2004 by Dr. Mike Moore to practice technical creativity unconstrained by common corporate business limitations. Since then, the Company's in house capabilities and range of projects have greatly increased. Dr. Moore is author or named inventor on 10 US patents, is a 450+ hour private pilot, is a licensed HAM operator, and enjoys athletics, mathematics and fractals, making, choral singing, and exterior ballistics.

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AetherMachines customers range from very large government research labs to local industrial businesses, clients (70+ projects), and individuals domestically and in other contries.
Q: What do AetherMachines services cost? A: AetherMachines is responsive with low overhead, resulting in hourly costs of between $30-60/hr.
Q: What payments does AetherMachines accept? A: AetherMachines accepts net 30 purchase orders, transactions, and personal checks.
Cell: (518) 423-8671