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AetherMachines' patenting experience spans large corporations, small businesses, micro businesses, and individuals. Types of applications include full patents and provisional filings followed by full design patents. We work both with IP lawyers and directly with PTO examiners, and can help the inventor with text and claim composition, drawing preparation, prior art searches, and web based application submission.
Descriptive and timely interim and final reports are as much a product as any individual technological item. Reports are attractively written and convey the discoveries, observations, status, and conclusions for each project. Many times reports are composed in MS Word, but can also be Mathematica Project Notebooks encapsulating calculations and analyses as well as text. Reports are supplied to the Customer in native and *.pdf forms.
AetherMachines belives that effective prototype and production manuals are essential to the proper description and success of a product. Manuals are written with simplicity, clarity, and attractiveness as the major CTQs. Manuals are composed in MS Word and disseminated in Word and *.pdf form.
AetherMachines' principal(s) have authored or co-authored approximately 6 peer reviewed papers for DSP journals and IEEE proceedings. From time to time, papers are authored to capture the character of AetherMachines R&D. AetherMachines' experience with the composition and submission process can help improve a paper's chances of acceptance and publication.