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Carbon Fiber

EPP Foam


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AetherMachines specializes in embedded and unique purpose circuits. Applications include DSP and MCU real time control, attitude, rate and acceleration measurement, very high power density flyback converters, lithium chemistry battery chargers, GPS circuits, ultrasonic ranging circuits, analog and digital interface circuits, embedded voltage and current measurement circuits, and HV protection circuits.
For more complex and higher frequency applications (including gaming engines), AetherMachines designs 2-8+ layer PCBs which are spun by commercial vendors such as Multilayer PCBs include ample fixed and split planes, blind and buried vias, proper routing for EMI, and robust mechanical attachments. Less sophisticaled PCBs are spun in house using our QC-5000 and single or double clad FR4.
AetherMachines is experienced in analog and digital VLSI design and tools, including Electric 9.x.x, LASI 7, Magic 8, and MOSIS fabrications.
AetherMachines mechanical designs include gear ratios and efficiencies, bearing loads and lifetimes, cantelever stress and deflection, temperature and glass temperature calculations, and strength/weight tradeoffs. Designs also include static determination of lift and thrust, partial derivative/sensitivity analyses for thrust and weight, factors of safety, Hooke's law, and volumetric material costing.
AetherMachines is strongly in favor of substitution of carbon fiber for ferrous and non ferrous metals wherever possible. Where torsional requirements are met through fiber orientation or truss design, we use sheet and CF and pultruded CF rods and tubes for various sub assembles on micro air vehicles. We also have developed several largely proprietary methods for CF veil bonding and use with EPP foam coverings.
For kinetic applications requiring toughness such as micro air vehicles and robots, expanded poly propylene is an ideal material. EPP is easily shaped thermally, and AetherMachines has several semi-proprietary cutting, covering, gluing, and painting methods to make compound curvature EPP surfaces more attractive. When combined with CF stiffeners, EPP makes excellent aerodynamic surfaces including fuselages, wings, and stabilizers.
From time to time AetherMachines designs with specialty materials such as pressure sensitive resistor films, Sorbothane, aerogel thermal insulators, high temperature zirconia encapsulants, sheet mica, high voltage encapsulants and coatings, and specialty adhesives for engineering plastics such as acetal. Specialty metals such as Al 7075 and titanium have also been worked.