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Visual Studio


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AetherMachines is adept with real or expanded time, embedded assembly code programming for various Atmel, Motorola, and Microchip MCUs including 8 bit ATMEGA, 8 and 16 bit 68HCxx, 8 bit PIC, and 16 bit dsPIC device families. Assembly coding includes vectoring tables, interrupts, MCU register initialization and setup, as well as application control and calculation code and algorithms including BLDC motor ESCs.
Embedded, real time BASIC or C for Microchip MCUs is one of our specialties. Algorithms and functions include interrupt driven time bases, R/C servo and motor PWM, serial, SPI, and I2C communications, moving average, single pole, and DC blocking filters, Kalman filters, PIDs, and lead/lag feed forward compensation, A/D voltage and current measurement, open drain control, and interrupt based pulse width measurement.
For internal and external customers with access to Mathematica, programming in Mma can yield results bar none. Common computer science coding such as sorting, indexing, set theory, and logic can be completely combined with graphics, symbolics, numerics, and data output all in the same notebook. Example applications include calculation and dynamic display of masses under particular forces and constraints for R&D purposes.
AetherMachines can supply software and algorithms in MATALB *.m form for customers with MATLAB or freeware such as Scilab. *.m files are useful for encapsulating algorithms that will be used repeatedly in desktop analysis or converted to C code for embedded or real time use. *.m files can also be used as rudimentary desktop programs, receiving user input, calculating and displaying graphs, and storing results to HDD for documentation.
AetherMachines uses Microsoft Visual Studio to create user interfaces to control remote or embedded devices communicating over serial, Ethernet, parallel, or other much older protocols such as Arcnet. Platforms controlled include CTC Blue Fusion PLCs and proprietary stepper motor ICs. VS programs are written to be intuitive, interactively simple, attractive, and easily deployed and maintained.
CSS3 combined with minimal HTML is proving to be an easy and effective method for composing attractive web pages. Cross browser support for CSS3 is increasing, and AetherMachines is improving our ability to program and communicate with this standard. CSS3 is so effective that with little prior experience, we wrote and improved this Company website in approximatley a week!